Umbrella Insurance

Liability issues are everywhere and you never know what could cause someone to present you with a lawsuit. Basically, Umbrella Insurance policies protect you from liability issues that go beyond the liability limits of standard insurance policies, Like - homeowner’s insurance, car insurance, etc.
According to Authority/Law - N.Y. Codes R. & Regs. tit. 11, § 161.1(d) requires a commercial umbrella policy to set a minimum self-insured retention ("SIR") of $10,000 with respect to "losses not covered by underlying insurance." It is the intention of the regulation to describe an umbrella policy as one that provides coverage over both automobile liability insurance and general liability insurance.

If You may not think you need an umbrella policy, but need to consider this:
What happens to you and your family’s assets should you be sued for something that occurred at your home and the legal costs of the lawsuit greatly exceed the liability coverage defined by your homeowner’s policy?

Who will pick up the tab if you are responsible for a multi-car accident and your liability costs exceed the limits on your car insurance by thousands of dollars?

Although these kinds of things may be few and far between, But we know you are careful, So, you can take Umbrella Insurance at a low cost to you but will provide enough coverage to where you shouldn’t have to worry about liability costs in the future. let's Click on Quote Button and fill the form to get the best solution for you.