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As Focal Point Insurance service provider (TLC Insurance quotes in New York) we can understand the requirements and needs of NYC Taxi & Limousine insurance, TLC Driver licensees. Whether you need Uber Insurance, Lyft Insurance, Juno, VIA or GETT Insurance-Focal Point Insurance is here to help you to get TLC Insurance and TLC Licensees - easier and best way, Just submit the related Documents as required Like - Driver Licence / TLC License / Registration Copy / Bill of sales. Just approach us by calling OR filling the form OR there is space under the form, to upload the Documents.                        The Focal Point Insurance Team will be happy to help you...!! 

• We will find cost-effective and suitable Black Car Insurance solution for you, because of we represent ALL the Insurance Carriers that provide TLC Insurance in NYC. We can assist in obtaining TLC Insurance for an Individual, Corporation or Drivers-Partners.
• Leasing TLC vehicles?-here we can help you to get TLC Insurance for your business.
• We can also advise you on other aspects, such as the correct procedure for registering your TLC Vehicle with NYCTLC and NYS DMV.
All the TLC vehicles must comply with the TLC’s requirements of insurance coverage. As the most Uber, Lyft, and other FHV vehicles, the TLC minimum level of liability insurance coverage will be: 
• $100,000 per person,
• $300,000 per accident,
• $200,000 in personal injury protection and
• $10,000 in property damage liability.

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Knowledgeable updates / Facilities from NY Govt. 

New TLC Driver License (Yellow & Green Taxicab, Livery, Black Car, and Lux Limo) Applicants: Education Requirements

  1. All Education requirements must be completed within 90 days after applying for a TLC Driver License.
  1. It is recommended that applicants take the WAV Course before the 24 Hour Course final exam.
  1. You must apply for your TLC Driver License before you register for the TLC Driver Education Exam.
List of required education for TLC Driver License (Yellow, Green, Livery, Black Car, and Lux Limo) Applicants
1. NYSDMV 6 hour Defensive Driving Course All applicants must complete NYSDMV 6 hour Defensive Driving Course within three (3) years prior to filing an application online. For more information, please click here.   (Souces)
2. Wheelchair Passenger Assistance Training All applicants must complete the Wheelchair Passenger Assistance Training. The school will notify the TLC when you have completed the course.
3. TLC Driver Education Course The course is available in languages other than English. Click the “TLC Driver Education Course” box below for a complete list of TLC- approved schools and the languages each offer.

You must file an application with the TLC before registering for the exam. You will not be allowed to take the exam if you do not submit an application to the TLC.

You must take and pass the final exam on a computer with a score of 70% or higher at the same school the course was taken. This means you must answer 56 out of 80 questions correctly in order to pass. You will be allowed to take the exam as many times as needed to pass during the ninety (90) day application period.

The school will notify the TLC when you have completed the course and passed the final exam.

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