TLC Insurance In New York | New Jersey

What is the TLC? | The Taxi & Limousine Commission in NY & NJ

TLC is a New York regulatory body that licenses and regulates various passenger transportation industries in NYC. The TLC is responsible for issues several types of licenses, according to the needs of insurance requirements:

  1. Black Car – Pre arranged passenger transportation types. (Non-Cash Payment – Stricter Vehicles)
  2. Livery – Same as the Black car with any type of payment for all types of vehicle.
  3. Green Taxi – Subclass types of Livery.
  4. Luxury LIMO – Comes with a flat rate, pre-arranged transportation.
  5. Commuter Van – Available only within a specified location.
  6. Paratransit – For non-emergency medical transportation, and pre-arranged services.

The Vehicle licensed by the TLC are subject to minimum insurance coverage requirements, the classes of coverage varied as per seating capacity of the vehicle. The New York Taxi & Limousine Commission (TLC) licenses vehicles and drivers. You can see the TLC licensed vehicle with TLC licenses plates on the roads. This plate is shown to the passengers that the vehicle is licensed under TLC.

There are some processes to get these licenses plates as –

  • Purchase of lease the approves vehicle.
  • Need to Affiliate your vehicle with a TLC approved dispatch based.
  • Have to Purchase the TLC Minimum required insurance in NY.
  • Now you have to prepare your TLC vehicle incense application.
  • Submit TLC vehicle application to the department, in such a way you have to register the car at the DMV.
  • Ready to get your TLC plates and schedule an inspection (If required).

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