Motorcycle Insurance

The state of New York claims that accidents involving motorcycles are more likely to occur than accidents that only involve standard heavy vehicle/cars. So, because all registered cars in New York must be insured, it makes sense that all registered motorcycles must have motorcycle insurance in NY, yes. What is the NY Motorcycle Insurance Requirements - According to law, you must carry liability motorcycle insurance on your bike to help you cover costs related to property damage if any miss happening occur and bodily injury suffered by others in a crash that you cause?

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Your motorcycle insurance policy  in NY must include the following minimum coverage limits per accident:

• $25,000 for bodily injury per person.
• $50,000 for total bodily injury in the event that multiple people are hurt in the accident.
• $50,000 for death per person.
• $100,000 for death if there are multiple fatalities in the accident.
• $10,000 for property damage.
You may consider purchasing higher liability insurance in NY limits if you required the best coverage as mention above.

NOTE: New York requires vehicle owners to surrender their plates during a policy get lapse of insurance coverage. But this rule does not apply to motorcycles policies. You may keep your plate during a lapse in your motorcycle insurance coverage, but you must not operate your motorcycle on public roads during a policy coverage lapse. So, it's better to Approach Us. We - Focal Point Insurance company in New York, Understand your needs and facilitates the personalized and right Insurance Policy to you, PLease welcome under our cheapest Bike insurance service provider here too -  Just Click on Quote Button and fill the details as required.