About us

About Us

Focal Point  insurance agency was founded by Mr. Karamvir Bajwa in 2015.

We've transformed from a small insurance office covering just 1 county in the state of New York to a vast, US-wide company.

Also, our range of insurance plans expanded

On top of all that, all of our team combined, just as well as every single member of it has years upon years of experience!

Reasons to choose us

Insurance Plans

These days, the insurance industry offers a real variety of different kinds and types of plans, covering anything and everything! Starting with Personal insurance for life and health, home and auto insurance and all the way to professional.

Affordable Fees

With all these different types of insurance plans, our fees also vary from one to another. The only thing that stays absolutely the same - is the fact that we do take the affordability front and center into the account, for every single fee we offer!

Established Reputation

Working in the industry for as long as 25+ years, we were fortunate enough to acquire thousands of loyal customers, just as well as gain a reputation of a reliable insurance provider. We never fail to deliver on our promises!

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If only there was a way to have a sound backup plan, in case something goes wrong. Ah, Insurance!

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Frequently Asked Questions (Most of the people having same question like)-

What to do, If Get an Accident without Insurance in NY?

In New York, it’s against the rule of state to drive a vehicle without Insurance, whether you are agreed with the Law or not, you will still be charged with a crime if you are pulled over and you cannot show proof of insurance with you. And suppose, If you are unlucky and get into a car accident and not insured, they have to face different issues on top of having to pay for the damages occurred - to the other person’s car and body.

What you have to face if you get accident without Insurance in NY State:

  • NY is considered a “no fault” state, which means everyone’s has to take insurance pays for the damages in an accident no matter who is at fault.
  • It is the situation where someone slams into you and it is actually their fault, they would actually turn out better than you at the end of the day to get insured.
  • As NY is a “no fault” state, It’s important to remember that you also need to worry about other people’s ability to drive when you are going down the road without own the insurance.
  • It’s your entire fault or not to get accident occurred, you can reasonably expect to lose your Driving license for up to a year if you are caught in an accident without insurance.

You are actually supposed to surrender your license plates and registration if you allow your auto insurance coverage to expire.

It may possible that Driving without insurance is taken very seriously in NY, which means you could even end up in jail if you are caught without it. According to NY State Vehicle and traffic rule – 319. (On top of that fine, you can also be hit with 15 days of jail time), These are the problems that you would face if you were simply caught without insurance and haven’t even been in an accident.